4 Strides Equestrian - Barrel Racing

Commonly Asked Questions & Answers

Barrel Racing Do you need a particular type of horse?
In short the answer is no, because pretty much any horse can learn to turn a barrel.
However, some horses will find it easier than others and therefore it largely depends on how competitive and ambitious you are going to be.
Regardless of the type of horse, it is essential that the horse is fit and healthy
and free of any underlying problems.
Barrel Racing Do you need western tack?
Technically, if you are good rider with balance and core stability you could run barrels bare back, and initially an English saddle will suffice at lower speeds, but if you want to take this sport seriously then a deep seated barrel saddle (not just any western saddle) is a good investment.
The barrel saddle is an essential piece of equipment if you want to compete at speed and outside of the UK. A barrel saddle is specifically designed for the sport to hold you steady , give you grip and support and stop you sliding at faster speeds.
Barrel Raing When is someone ready to compete?
Fundamentally, as long as a rider has control of the horse, i.e. ability to turn and stop, then we really encourage people to launch themselves into the competitive side of this sport.
At 4 Strides Equestrian UK shows we purposefully put on “beginner”, “walk/jog only” and “new comers” classes to support the transition process from training clinic into racing and to build confidence.
Barrel Racing What do I need to wear?
To enhance the image of our sport, 4 Strides in association with the UKBHA encourages and promotes appropriate western attire throughout all UKBHA approved events.
This includes: a long-sleeved Western shirt with collar or Western motif.
Shirt sleeves must be rolled down and buttoned or snapped and Shirt tails must be tucked in.
Jeans or equivalent full trousers (strictly no shorts) must be worn and suitable riding footwear e.g. ankles must be supported and boots must have a heel.
Suitable headgear is essential such as a Stetson or riding hat.